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What does thread count mean and does it matter?

When talking about thread count (TC), the numbers refer to the number of strands found per square inch of the fabric used to make them. A thread count (TC) includes the sum of both the horizontal and vertical threads used.

Traditionally, a higher thread count was considered an indicator of better quality and comfort. A higher thread count was believed to mean the fabric was denser, smoother, and more luxurious. However, it’s more about the threads' quality than quantity.

The type of fiber used, the weave of the fabric, and the finishing techniques employed can significantly affect the feel, durability, and overall quality of the fabric. Therefore, relying solely on thread count to determine the quality of a product may not provide an accurate representation.

Instead of focusing solely on the thread count, it's advisable to consider the overall quality of the fabric, including factors such as fiber type (cotton, linen, etc.), weave (percale, sateen, etc.), finishings, and the manufacturer.

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